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Saturnos Free Current Version: 1.27

Saturnos Pro Current Version: 4.26


Free version SaTurnos Free

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SaTurnos Pro Professional version for only € 0.79

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Additional Features in the Pro version
Create profiles
Delete profiles
Add repetitively shifts
Add overtime shifts
Export and import profiles, sharing shifts with colleagues
Export statistics to xls format sdcard
Create backup of all profiles
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Without pubddcidad
You can add 3 shifts per day maximum
Lets put 3 points to define the code to turn this way can indicate, for example, where you work (eg MUR-> Emergency Tomorrow).
To change the year, click on the year for each view
Warning System start of the shift. Go for it not dawdle
And why not a simple widget


Add shifts in one or multiple one (selecting several days)
Add shifts from a given sequence.
Add shifts repeatedly. (Only SaTurnos Pro)
Complete configuration of shifts: edit, delete and add.
Add notes to shifts
Add overtime shifts. (Only SaTurnos Pro)
Add start and end of the shift, to calculate statistics
With multiselect activated you can select the full month
Add in the option to change settings color in all cells of the day
Added menu to switch profiles in the calendar views, planning and statistics
Added touch menu to go to the website, facebook and twitter.
Change the color of the text.
The text color changes to turn black if the background color is clear
I separate overtime ordinary hours in statistics. (Pro version).
Widgets resizable
Improved widget
Pattern Management
Add breaks on shifts settings
When exporting to excel will also holidays with their hours
Activate the configuration if Saturdays are holidays
Managing holidays
Mark Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Add the Holidays from android calendar.
Add Quick Notes
Change background color of the days
Allow select cell where to put the turn. Enable from the settings
Added option to show transparent background shifts in widgets

Calendar views

Vista planner: Full view of entire year planning table format
month view: View full round with vertical scrolling.
view profiles: Vista month to compare different profiles shifts (co)

Profile Management

Having multiple calendars, such as himself and co-worker
Create profiles (only SaTurnos Pro)
Edit Profiles
Delete Profiles (Only SaTurnos Pro)
Export and import profiles, sharing shifts with colleagues. (Only SaTurnos Pro)

Site Statistics

Full statistics on the number of hours and number of shifts worked per month and year.
Export statistics to xls format sdcard. (SaTurnos Pro Only)


Create backup of all profiles. (SaTurnos Pro Only)
Export to calendar shifts from android to sync with Google Calendar. (Only SaTurnos Pro)
Export and import profiles, sharing shifts with colleagues. (Only SaTurnos Pro)
Import and export all shifts to share
Import from SaTurnos (Free Version)


French: collaborator Danmaster
Portuguese: partner Leandro Sousa
Italian: collaborator Ruyman y Papoloop
German: Andreas Constantin Fischer Wolfsdorf
Korean (available with google translator). We accept collaboration.
Japanese (Available with google translator). We accept collaboration.
Russian (available with google translator). We accept collaboration.
Euskera: Lydia


Added menu 'Today' to position the calendar for the current day.
Added menu 'screenshot' to save an image of the calendar to send or share
Added menu 'About' to show the application info and links help and interest
Added field shifts 'Hourly Rate' and 'Pay / festive time'
Change in sync with Google calendar. already allows the calendar to select automatic synchronization
Changing backups. Show list of backups and delete and share profiles allowing files
When you do a long press on a cell in the calendar shows a context menu to add quick notes, and allows sharing overtime shift for WhatsApp, Line, etc. ..
Added in statistics reports a manager where you can delete send / share the report
When you import the report to Excel and set the color of each cell in turn, exports all the notes, calculated monthly and annual payment considering the holidays ...
Adds to the list of backups and profiles the file received from peers. Doing a long press on the file and clicking share, must choose Saturns and file is copied SaTurnosPro folder
Added selectors monthly widgets month


Change Management
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Help translate SaTurnos

I like to have the application translated in any language. For now I have English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and euskera.


Leandro Sousa (Portgués) Danmaster (French), Ruyman (Italian), euskera(Lydia) and german(Andreas Constantin)